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Professional packing is half of the success. When you trust your household goods and valuables to the crew who has more than 10 years of experience in export packing, you ensure that goods reach destination in the same condition they were at origin.

For safe packing we use the following packing materials:

  • Boxes of many sizes
  • Wooden crates
  • Bubble wrap
  • Seal
  • Carton sheets
  • Wrapping paper
  • Picture corners
  • Packing chips for fragile items

Sizes of our boxes:

Name of the box Size For the packing of:
Key/parts box Keys, screws, instructions for furniture assembly, apartment plan, small parts from disassembled furniture, TV remotes
Book box 0.34*0.34*0.47 Books, documents, heavy breakable items, breakable chinaware, kitchenware
Linen box 0.66*03.4*0.47 Towels, bedding, linen, shoes, sports items, electric appliances
Barrel box 0.66*0.47*0.47 Glassware, chinaware, kitchen utensils, bedding, electric appliances
Wardrobe Hanging clothes

On each box we indicate the room where it was packed and contents. Same information gets transferred to the final packing list. You get a copy of packing list at origin and other copies are used for customs purposes and at delivery.

Our crew will disassemble furniture to facilitate transportation and ensure safety of the furniture (especially glass parts of it).


To be able to act on your behalf at customs, we will ask you to provide a certain set of documents required for customs procedures in countries of origin and destination.

General set of documents looks as follows:

For Russian citizens:
1) Notarized copy of your national passport with photo page and page with registration — 1 original
2) Copy of your international passport (photo page and page with visa) — 1
3) Notarized Power of Attorney on the name of our company – 1 original (sample is provided upon request)
4) Copy of INN — 1

For foreign citizens:
1) Notarized translation of your passport (photo page only) — 1 original
2) Copy of your visa — 1 copy
3) Copy of your registration in Russia — 1 copy
4) Notarized Power of Attorney on the name of our company (sample is provided upon request)

Of course, each move is individual and the set of documents may vary according to your specific situation. Some more documents will be added to the list depending on the customs regulations of the country you move from/to.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information and we will gladly assist!

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